Under Construction Building Inspection

Building Inspections For A Problem-Free New Build

If you are having a custom home built – congrats! You are one step closer to making your dream home a reality. Most of us think that a new build will be picture-perfect. And that is what you should expect with A1 construction.

But don’t count your chicks yet. Your dream home can turn into a nightmare if building inspections are ignored or sidelined. There have been occasions where people going through construction are blindsided by problems. From slab or foundation issues to mismatched room dimensions, no project is fully on point.

Under Construction Inspection

So what can you do to make sure your home construction is problem-free? The answer is getting an Under Construction Inspection. Ongoing on-site inspections ensure your home is built to standard and no builder swindles you.

Check out your home in multiple building stages. That way, you can see the progress with your own eyes and confirm everything is near perfect. When on-site, keep your eyes open for these construction issues.

Slab Placement and Quality

Foundation and slab problems can affect your home’s structure, which can cost thousands in repairs. The primary slab inspection points include proper size, solid craftsmanship and accurate plumbing. Make sure no water pools near the slab, and watch for unevenness, cracks and other issues that can snowball down the road.

Wall and Roof Frame

The next construction step is framing the roof and walls. This is where do-it-yourself on-site inspection gets a bit murky and you may need some expert help. Ensure the frames and mounting match the blueprints for your home, and the wall frame is sturdy and stable.

Room Framing Dimensions

Sometimes building plans can get mixed up when it comes to room framing. As the walls and frames are being mounted, check that all the dimensions are precise. Correcting such issues at this stage is much easier than when the architrave or plaster is applied.

Plumbing and Electrical Quality

Your electrics and plumbing are so essential that you can’t do without them. If there are any faults with their quality or installation, you will pay for it. Making sure these two elements are installed by the book and using high-quality components is money-saving.

Get a Professional Opinion

In your initial inspections, you can spot shoddy workmanship and glaring discrepancies. But you need an expert opinion when it comes to checking technical elements or comparing the build to the plans.

Dealing with Building Inspectors

Under Construction Inspectors must be licensed and insured. Make sure your inspector has a current license and carries indemnity insurance. Their license and insurance are an assurance that they’re qualified and they stand behind the works they do.

When you get quotes from under construction inspectors, their prices can vary. One might quote $400, while another’s quote may be $500. Look at each quote instead of choosing the lowest one. The highest quote may be for the most in-depth inspection. It’s not worth saving a few bucks if the inspection does not cover everything. Property Inspections are crucial to ensure there are no issues with the construction process for a new build. It’s invaluable to get them pre-purchase and make life that much easier.

Improve The Value Of Your Property

Here’s How A Concrete Driveway Can Improve The Value Of Your Property

If you’re curious to learn more about how a concrete driveway can improve the value of your property, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re going to highlight some of the interesting benefits that a concrete driveway can offer you, and you will quickly understand why it can also be a useful way to improve the overall value of your property, especially if you are planning to sell anytime in the near future.

First of all, there’s no denying that a brand-new, high-quality concrete driveway can add a great deal of curb appeal to your property, and this is especially true if you are installing a noticeable upgrade. Of course, if you are stuck with an old, worn out driveway that’s full of cracks and holes, then this can definitely be detrimental when it comes to selling, and it may be a red flag as far as many buyers are concerned.

However, taking the time to construct a high-quality concrete driveway will quickly give any potential buyer a positive first impression of your property, and it’s certainly the case that first impressions can have very big impact on any sales decision, regardless of whether this is justified or not.

Something else to consider will be where your property is situated because the quality of the driveway can be very important for people who are living in colder climates where a quality driveway is more of a valuable asset. Additionally, the overall quality and workmanship that has gone into the construction of your concrete driveway will impact how much value it adds to your property, and just as you’d expect, a perfectly installed expansion cut driveway that uses high-quality materials will do more than a simple, cheap cement job would ever do.

When you are deciding on the kind of concrete driveway you want to install and cut, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the materials that are used to ensure they are of the utmost quality. It’s also worth considering some of the different design options, because if you’re willing to stretch your budget just a little bit further, then you may be able to install something more creative and detailed, and this will certainly add a great deal of charm and charisma to the front of your property.

However, something you need to keep in mind will be your initial costs for installing the concrete driveway as well as a concrete cutter because the initial investment you make will impact how much you can recoup on your investment when it comes to selling your property. But if you’re primarily concerned about maintaining the value of your property while still enjoying the concrete driveway to yourself for many years or even decades, then you can rest assured that installing one of these driveways will not be detrimental to the value of your property.

Overall, making the decision to install a concrete driveway is always a wise choice, and it will not only add value to your property but also make it far more useful and functional for anybody who plans to use it regularly.

Mistakes Everyone Makes In Mornington Property Management

7 common mistakes everyone makes in Mornington property management

In any business, real estate included, mistakes can cost money and time. As owning property is your route to financial freedom and a comfortable life, you have to eliminate slipups that can topple your investment. If you’re a property manager, you have to do your job perfectly to avoid an early layoff. To succeed in property management, you have to steer clear of these blunders. We got in touch with Aero Property Management in Mornington Peninsula to give us the 7 mistakes everyone makes in property management. Be sure to visit www.aeroproperty.com.au for more information.

Poor everything

Poor planning and record keeping, as well as lack of documentation and a strategic marketing plan, can hamper your property management efforts. To succeed, you need to have a clear plan and an effective marketing strategy. On the same note, you should document everything and keep accurate records.

Overpaying contractors

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, contractors can charge any amount they choose. To ensure a reasonable price, it’s advisable to procure multiple bids and compare them. To get the best value for your money, opt for an hourly rate and buy the necessary materials.

Hiring incompetent workers

Using unskilled workers is cost-effective but can be costly later. Though corrupt workers charge less per hour, they take too much time to complete the job. Their work may be shoddy too. Experts, on the other hand, charge higher rates but complete the job on time and to the best standards. Therefore, look for value, not the lowest price.

Personally performing repairs

Doing maintenance and construction work yourself is not a good idea if you don’t have enough time and the proper skills. When a tenant vacates, the apartment should be repaired quickly before another tenant moves in. If there is poor maintenance or delays in repair, the unit may remain vacant for long. That means a loss of rent.

Tenants doing repairs

Giving a tenant some money to make a repair can expose you to great risk. For one thing, most tenants don’t know how to replace flooring and paint a unit. If they decide to contract the work, chances are they may not get the right expert. Again, if someone gets injured while working, you could be held liable for their medical bills or loss of income, especially if you don’t provide workers compensation insurance.

Not inspecting properties

Don’t wait until a tenant moves out to inspect a unit. Instead, do an inspection on a regular basis. Some long-term tenants can leave extensive damage. To prevent this, make sure you check both rented and vacant units and repair them swiftly.

Deferring maintenance

Maintenance is a headache for most landlords. Property owners normally neglect upkeep until something gets seriously broken. As you may already know, extensive damages are costly to fix. They also lower property value. If your building is not well-maintained, tenants may be disgruntled and decide to relocate. Don’t let that happen. Keep units up to date, fix any damages, and improve the look and standards of your rental property.

Lastly, be sure to screen tenants. Bad tenants are synonymous with damages, late rent payment and inexcusable behaviour. Avoid them like a plague. Also, don’t hesitate to fire bad employees. They may lead to the downfall of your property empire.

Improving Your Property Management Portfolio

4 Ways To Improve Your Property Management Portfolio

When it comes to property management, many investors fail to increase their property portfolio, either because they bought the wrong properties, they tried doing it on their own, they don’t know how to manage their property portfolio or because of fear and poor financial structures. But growing your property management portfolio isn’t that hard at all. This is what you just need to do:

1. Manage your cash flow

Many investors due to weak income, high maintenance costs, low tax depreciation benefits and poor level of growth with each of their current properties; lack money to reinvest. This leads them to pick up huge loans which they can’t afford to service repayments.

But the answer to this is simple; create a positive cash flow! How? Well, apart from accounting for your expenses and revenue, purchasing the right properties on the market can increase your cash flow, service your loans and enable you to afford more property.

2. Improve the value of your properties

Investors often face the dilemma between investing for growth in their property or for cash flow. But from an expert view; why not go for both? After all, your property management portfolio will benefit from that.

That new property you are eyeing can make a big difference in your cash flow, so go for it! Make minor renovations and improvements design-wise so the property reaches the market standards. By increasing your property’s value, you’ll be able to increase your rental income, equity and savings, thereby increasing the speed at which you can purchase more properties.

3. Check your portfolio

Purchasing new property is the best way to improving your property management portfolio. But how well you manage that property can make the difference between buying more property in the future and a frustrating and costly property ownership experience.

Hiring a reputable property manager who understands the area/market and lives close to your property is the way to go. The property manager should help keep your property’s value and rental income up, by keeping accurate cash flow, taking care of your investment, choosing tenants wisely and ensuring they’re paying on time. Don’t hesitate to sack a horrible, inefficient manager who costs you money. 4rooms Property – property management in Adelaide have a team of experienced, and well-trained property managers. The Adelaide community is raving about the 4rooms Property group. Last week they even did a tweet to the 4rooms Twitter profile applauding them for their efforts.

4. Have an investment strategy

Buying any property and putting tenants will make you money, but how sure are you that you’ll get full returns from your investment? Not every property is a good investment, in fact buying property is like gambling, and probably one or two properties will hit the jackpot, literally.

Before purchasing more property, have a good strategy in hand and an end-goal in mind. The strategy serves as a guide on how you’ll make money from the property. What’s more, it makes buying the best property much easier and keeps you focused on your property management portfolio. This saves you time wasted on shopping around for property and helps you grow your property portfolio quicker.

One thing is for sure; buying more property gives you more financial freedom. You just need to be smart, invest wisely, be persistent and of course put these tips into action.

Tenant Management

Being a landlord can be exciting, but that is not always an easy task. If you are lucky and all your tenants are good people, you have scored a jackpot. It is not always the case. A standard practice in property management is a regular household inspection. There are a couple of reasons it is important to inspect properties and a couple of things to take into account.

Landlords and tenants are both protected under the law. If you are a landlord, inspecting the property is your duty. You need to give at least 24 hours’ notice before you do it, and it must happen at a reasonable hour. Take Care of the Property Inspections are necessary to make sure that your tenants have good living conditions. Even little things can quickly turn into big problems. For example, a leaking pipe can turn into a severe flood if it doesn’t get fixed.

Health hazards like damp and mould need to be dealt with as soon as possible. A broken window might be a small thing. Your tenants will appreciate little things getting fixed too. It might be an investment. But it will save you money in the long run.

Sometimes tenants don’t report problems and then blame the landlord for the damage. If you inspect your properties, you can make sure nothing like that can happen. But, inspection is essential to check on the tenants as well You can check if they are fulfilling their side of the tenancy agreement. Even if residents seem good people, you need to check that there is no illegal activity. Some of the best with paying the rent are the worst when it comes to, for example, growing marijuana in the house or flat.

Protect yourself if you are renting out a furnished property, make an inventory of everything that is on the property. It should be in two copies the same as the tenancy agreement. This way you and your tenant can sign it and each has a copy for reference. While performing the inspection check everything you mentioned in the tenancy agreement. Look at the garden if tenants are looking after it.

Look at how clean the place is and notify the tenant if you think they need to do a better job. Your relationship with your tenant will start with good and upfront communication. It will make it better for both sides, and your tenants will want to rent in the long term. It is easier to have the same tenants for a long time rather than lose time and money looking for new ones.