Under Construction Building Inspection

By | February 6, 2018

Building Inspections For A Problem-Free New Build

If you are having a custom home built – congrats! You are one step closer to making your dream home a reality. Most of us think that a new build will be picture-perfect. And that is what you should expect with A1 construction.

But don’t count your chicks yet. Your dream home can turn into a nightmare if building inspections are ignored or sidelined. There have been occasions where people going through construction are blindsided by problems. From slab or foundation issues to mismatched room dimensions, no project is fully on point.

Under Construction Inspection

So what can you do to make sure your home construction is problem-free? The answer is getting an Under Construction Inspection. Ongoing on-site inspections ensure your home is built to standard and no builder swindles you.

Check out your home in multiple building stages. That way, you can see the progress with your own eyes and confirm everything is near perfect. When on-site, keep your eyes open for these construction issues.

Slab Placement and Quality

Foundation and slab problems can affect your home’s structure, which can cost thousands in repairs. The primary slab inspection points include proper size, solid craftsmanship and accurate plumbing. Make sure no water pools near the slab, and watch for unevenness, cracks and other issues that can snowball down the road.

Wall and Roof Frame

The next construction step is framing the roof and walls. This is where do-it-yourself on-site inspection gets a bit murky and you may need some expert help. Ensure the frames and mounting match the blueprints for your home, and the wall frame is sturdy and stable.

Room Framing Dimensions

Sometimes building plans can get mixed up when it comes to room framing. As the walls and frames are being mounted, check that all the dimensions are precise. Correcting such issues at this stage is much easier than when the architrave or plaster is applied.

Plumbing and Electrical Quality

Your electrics and plumbing are so essential that you can’t do without them. If there are any faults with their quality or installation, you will pay for it. Making sure these two elements are installed by the book and using high-quality components is money-saving.

Get a Professional Opinion

In your initial inspections, you can spot shoddy workmanship and glaring discrepancies. But you need an expert opinion when it comes to checking technical elements or comparing the build to the plans.

Dealing with Building Inspectors

Under Construction Inspectors must be licensed and insured. Make sure your inspector has a current license and carries indemnity insurance. Their license and insurance are an assurance that they’re qualified and they stand behind the works they do.

When you get quotes from under construction inspectors, their prices can vary. One might quote $400, while another’s quote may be $500. Look at each quote instead of choosing the lowest one. The highest quote may be for the most in-depth inspection. It’s not worth saving a few bucks if the inspection does not cover everything. Property Inspections are crucial to ensure there are no issues with the construction process for a new build. It’s invaluable to get them pre-purchase and make life that much easier.

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